Specialized Research

Research can be performed according to specific requirements. Should you require particular information related to awards, bursaries, grants, scholarships other other financial stipends, please let The Big Pitch know.

For information and referrals to directories for bids and tenders on projects and assignments, kindly contact

For company networking, introductions and business referrals, please contact:

Research for Lawyers & Paralegals:

Memorandums, Research, Composition of Letters & Reports.

Memorandums created on the topics of: Direct Agreements – Consumer Protection Act, Partnerships Act, Libel & Slander Act (Trade Libel & Innuendo).

Reports created on the topics of: AGCO, C.H.R.T.

Detailed research conducted on the topics of: EI Act, C.H.R.A., Consumer Protection Act, among others.

Preparation for appearances before the Board of Referees, Umpire and other boards & agencies.