• Event Planning / Consulting Services

  • Marketing & Promotion / Writing / Sales

  • Specialized Research & Reports

  • Team Building and Networking Plans

Event Specialist Offerings:

My areas of specialization for successful events, include: Festivals, Conferences, Fairs, Forums, Inaugural Convocations, Galas, Luncheons, Meetings, Product Demonstrations, Open Houses, Parties, Press Conferences & Seminars. I can develop a concept for your event, arrange a venue, write promotional marketing material and generate media interest for your campaign. Whether you would like to have a quaint event, or mega occasion – The Big Pitch can create a wonderful affair, with great flare!

Should you want to invite dignitaries, members of the government, media moguls or the general public; The Big Pitch can ensure your promotion of your event to your intended demographic.

Consulting Services:

If your business / company is new or in the process of expanding, then let The Big Pitch provide you with useful ideas for development.  Whether you have questions about product marketability, relevance of your chosen advertising portals; or if you want assistance in connecting with potential customers, then let The Big Pitch effectively market your business brand or image.

Marketing Services:

Campaigns can include promotion of your product and / or service across a vast spectrum of promotional mediums. Potentially your product and / or service could be advertised in- print;  in a newspaper, magazine, trade publication, newsletter, or on the internet. As well, your marketing campaign could include: promotional flyers, brochures and various industry / service related directories. Depending on the specific campaign created,  your promotional strategy could also include: advertising on radio or on television. Prior promotional campaigns included complimentary endorsements & venues and in-kind media services.

Writing Services:

Writing services can include promotional writing for your company and for your products & services. Styles of writing can include: taglines, slogans, sales pitches and sales scripts, Media Advisories and Press Releases. Please contact The Big Pitch for additional options.

Specialized Research & Reports:

On a project basis, specialized research can be performed for a variety of topics. Legal Research and Memorandums can be performed for Lawyers & Paralegals only. Other detailed research can be conducted, as well. Please send me the specific details of your requirements and I will be happy to assist you.


From direct sales, to pitching your product / service through various mediums, to creation of an online marketing portfolio; The Big Pitch can ensure effective advertising for your business.

Team Building:

Having worked as an Employment Consultant, Recruiter, Employment Project Manager and as a Employment Services Manager; I can assist your company in designing effective techniques and strategies for the development and maintenance of your team.

Networking Plans:

Networking is a key component for success in the enrichment your brand. Showcasing your products / services, entails displaying your business presence effectively. Attendance at relevant networking events can enhance the reputation of our your business, amongst  potential clients. Hosting  purposeful events, can also broaden your company’s image, especially among event attendees.

When planning your next event, utilize the services of Professional Event Planner. Let The Big Pitch – Event Planning Service – make your next function eventful.

When determining the event you wish to create, please consider these options:

[box type="tick" style="rounded" border="full"]Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions, Expositions, Fairs, Forums, Inaugural Convocations, Galas, Luncheons, Meetings, Product Demonstrations, Open Houses, Parties, Press Conferences, Seminars, Soirees, Summits, Trade Shows.[/box]


If you have a booth at an event it is important to know:

  • How many visitors came to your booth?
  • How many potential customers who visited the booth actually spoke with one of your team members?
  • If you had a demonstration, (either live or on a monitor), then how many visitors to your booth observed the demonstration?
  • If you had a draw, then how many registrants provided their name and contact details on the ballots?


  • Make sure to send a reminder e-mail to all registrants,  from your event, within 2 days prior to the event.

  • Be sure you have a return e-mail and phone contact for any registrants.

  • Secure mailing address during the registration process as well.

  • Offer a prize for the first 5 or 10 registrants, or for a the 7th registrant. Potential clients enjoy contests. Let customers compete to purchase your products / services.

  • To keep costs low, try to find stakeholders / in-kind sponsors, who will host contests as part of your event.

  • Ask visitors to your event, or to your booth at an event, for their business cards. Alternatively request a V-card containing their contact details be sent to you, by e-mail.

Please send me an e-mail at, with the proposed event particulars, using the EVENT DETAILS document below.


[box type="info"] If you would like The Big Pitch to assist you with your event planning requirements, then please specify the service(s) you require, from the  list above.

Please provide your name / company name &  address / location, contact details (phone, fax, e-mail, Skype ID).

Kindly include the particulars of the initiative, including; length of the project, location, budget, campaign in-place or to be created, intended audience / customers, and any other relevant items.

Please e-mail the above particulars to Zack Steel, at Thank you.[/box]

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