Tools of the Trade

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No matter what your trade – you need to have the right tools of the trade to be successful. Even in areas of work that require so-called soft skills or technical expertise, rather than hands-on abilities – one must have the right tools to perform the work correctly.

If you are a Web Designer or Social Media Expert you need to be hip to the current software or technology relevant to your designation. You will need to know that is a one-stop shop to manage all of your social media tools from one access point. You will need to be knowledgeable about all of the social media promotional tools, such as and

There is also the intake process or follow-up telephone call with a prospective client. Every moment is precious in terms of what you say and do not say. If you are sure about a technological advancement or process you should listen more than you speak to the potential client. There is no greater blunder then trying to sound fluent in your area of expertise and not be sure about specifics.

Perhaps ask a prospect to initially e-mail you particulars of their desired project before your telephone communication. This way you will know all about what they want to achieve. You can do the necessary research relevant to their desired outcome.