Optimized Madness

Optimized Madness

Are you on the front page of Google? Is your website on Google? Is it searchable? Can you find it? Do you need to search by using as an exact phrase the domain name in full?

Today I received a notification from a website directory service that indicated my website had been submitted and request confirmation of the listings details. I confirmed the details as being accurate. Within minutes I received a barrage of telephone calls from SEO companies offering to top-rank my website. Some SEO businesses that contacted me actually did know my domain name. Others asked me if I was the owner of a business, not really knowing which company they might be contacting. I was nonetheless polite to each sales representative.

A few of the calls were weird, however, since some of the sales people did not seem to know anything about SEO. One representative asked me to type in keywords to the search bar, which I did without any hesitation. Initially it seemed that the keywords were correctly heard and corresponding rightly input. I even confirmed the search results with the representative. When the supposed client’s website did not appear in the top ten results the representative asked me to confirm the search term again. I relayed the term searched and was told that I had misheard the keywords and commanded to re-enter the search phrase once again. Finally I was able to find the supposed clients’ website among the top six results, even though the sales representative told me with a tone of certainty that their clients’ website would be among the top two results.

After all of the sales pitches that are filled with a ‘smoke and mirrors’ strategy, eventually comes the hard fact that no one can guarantee the top spot on Google or anything other Search Engine. Even an expensive Ad Words campaign cannot ensure the absolute top position on Google. One could hope to be on the first / front page, but not command / demand it.

These SEO companies, which seem to exist in an endless supply, usually have two sales representatives. The soft sales pitch comes first, with the initial sales person, thereafter a referral is made to a so-called SEO Expert or Social Media Manager who comes on very strong for the hard sell. Sometimes the sales pitch is so harsh that one can feel the words jumping through the phone. Today the second tier sales person criticized my knowledge of SEO, even though I have two websites that are the front page of the top Search Engine for their respective keywords. I was told that I don’t have strong knowledge of back-links and that I don’t know enough about SEO, by the Sales Manager who was trying to sell me his companies’ services. After he berated me for a minute or so, where after he heard me giggle about his condemnation of my skills, he was infuriated and he hung up the phone.

What a relief – no more being insulted by a sales representative that I don’t know and who I did not ask to call me in the first place. I wonder: could there be a DO NOT CALL LIST specifically for SEO companies? One could submit numbers that should be added to the list. While I do not mind being called for a service that I could use, I certainly do not want to be ridiculed or insulted during the sales pitch. Surely I should be the one to end the phone call. The most important request I have is that if a sales person is going to call me, then this person should have already done their research on my website and be able to intelligently explain to me what unique service they can provide to improve the ranking of my website. If an SEO company is requesting many hundreds or thousands of dollars, then they should be able to guarantee that my website will be number one on all major Search Engines, or at least on one. Otherwise, I might as well create and manage my own SEO campaign.