Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch

Have you ever had a sales person call you to pitch an idea? Perhaps the sales person asked you many questions about your company. Possibly the sales person complimented you on your career accomplishments or the success of your business. Is the the praise sincere or false. Is it just an effort to gain one’s confidence for the purpose of enlisting one in a directory or on a website for an initial trial period, whereby shortly thereafter one will be invoiced for their so-called listing.

Is there a difference between a hard sell, and a soft sell sales presentation? In a direct sales campaign the sales person will upsell the value of a product or service, and create an imaginary need for everyone to acquire it. This strategy usually involves a lot of fast talking, upbeat phrases, and seems to be full of high energy. Whereas, in an indirect sales approach, the sales person will be more focused on assessing the requirements of the customer, and the applicability of the product or service.

It is bizarre that the presentation of the sales person can influence a potential customer to purchase something that one may not have initially desired. Yet based on the projected emotions of joy or happiness in favor of the sale (by the sales person), one will almost feel obligated to buy what is being pitched.

Regardless of the type of sales strategy is utilized, one should be sure to pause, and consider whether one really wants to buy something before making a purchase. Should one ask the sales person to call later – so that one can properly evaluate one’s desire to buy what is being promoted – then sales person will seem insistent that one quickly purchase the item. This is not right. One should be confident that one knows what one wants or does not want to buy.

A persuasive sales pitch does not need to be oversold. With the right confidence a sales person can speak directly to the heart of the customer, by using vernacular language that is easy to understand. The product or service should really sell itself. Rather than trying to sell a product or service a sales person should promote the relevance of it to the customer and the value to be obtained and derived when the customer buys and uses it.


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